Internally Expanded Permanent Hose Coupling Reference Sheet

Coupling Installation Procedures

Ensuring an easy "pull-through" during expansion

  1. Following the UMI Ferrule Selection Procedures, select the proper UMI ferrule for you application.
  2. Push ferrule onto hose using up to approximately 40 lbs. of force. Always allow 3/16" to 1/4" space between hose end and inside front surface of ferrule. Hose should cover all ferrule and body serrations. Do not push the hose to the front surface of the ferrule.
  3. Check fit of ferrule by inserting coupling body into hose and inspecting the space between hose O.D. and ferrule I.D. The ferrule should remain stationary from the line-to-line fit, or loose to the extent whereby a standard #1 paperclip (1/32") will fit snugly between the surfaces of the hose and ferrule in one location.
  4. Lubricate the inside surface of the coupling body. Recommended lubricants include Lithium Grease, Moly Disulfide or any other equivalent E.P. type grease.
  5. Do not lubricate the punch! Any lubricant placed on the punch will be deposited on the inside wall of the hose, thereby reducing the coupling's holding power. The remaining lubricant will be shaved off the punch at the entry point of the coupling body, resulting in a dry, difficult "pull-through".
  6. Proceed with expansion.
  7. After expansion, check the entire inside surface of coupling shank for smoothness.


These installation procedures apply exclusively to couplings produced by United Metal Industries.

If you have any questions regarding coupling installation, please consult the factory at (800) 359-6801.

Do not mix UMI coupling components with those produced by other manufacturers.



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