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Our History

United Metal Industries, Inc., was founded in 1912 as a manufacturer of corrugated metal hose. Operating under its original name, United Metal Hose Co., Inc., it quickly became one of the nation's leading manufacturers of flexible metal hose and metal hose assemblies.

During the 1930s, United Metal Hose Co., Inc. acquired a patent for the reattachable compression grip hose coupling. This fitting, with its powerful retention capability and ease of assembly, earned it the reputation as the country's premier hose coupling of its kind.

After decades of continued growth, sales of our unique hose coupling far outpaced the sales of metal hose, prompting us to discontinue the metal hose line and concentrate our efforts on expanding our hose coupling line.

In the early 1980s, current management purchased United Metal Hose Co., Inc. and subsequently changed its name to United Metal Industries, Inc. The new name better reflected our diversity and commitment to providing the petroleum equipment industry with the finest hose couplings on the market today.

During the late 1980s, our engineers designed, tested and began production of our Perma-Grip line of internally expanded permanent hose couplings. The Perma-Grip hose coupling immediately set a new standard of quality and excellence for fittings of its type and quickly gained industry-wide acceptance. It has now become our primary hose coupling product and continues set new sales records every year since its introduction.



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